Thursday, July 28, 2011

Author Signing in Oceanside, Ca

I was so excited when I heard that Kiersten White, Andrea Cremer and Stephanie Perkins were doing a signing in Southern California. All three authors were in town (except Kiersten, she lives in the area) for this year's comic con and since both Kiersten and Andrea shared the same book release date they had a joint signing at Barnes and Noble in Oceanside,Ca.

A week before the book signing, the store was already taking reservation for number wristbands! I called in and placed my reservation on the day they started taking numbers for wristband...I ended up being number 58! My younger sister and I drove from Los Angeles to Oceanside for the event and it took us almost 2 hours to get there. We got there around 3pm but the event didn't start till 6pm. We ended up grabbing lunch and waited with all the other readers.

The Barnes and Noble in which the event was at was pretty disorganized and wasn't doing a great job at letting the readers/fan know how the event was gonna be. I thought we were gonna have seats but it turned out to be a standing event. Me, being 4'9 really sucked having all the tall people run and crowded in front of me (especially when I was already near the front of the table (sigh).

The authors finally arrived a little after 6pm, introducing themselves and their novels. From there each author took turns reading their favorite scene from their new book. Kiersten, started out the Q&A with asking the audience who re-read their book the most, one girl said she read Paranormalcy (5 times), Nightshade (7 times) and Anna and the French Kiss (10+ times). The second question was which reader travel (in distance) the farthest to get here, one reader came all the way from New York (crazyy huh?). And the final question was picking a random number amongst the wristband numbers, (#26).  All readers who read the most, traveled the farthest and the random number wristband all won chocolates from Kiersten.

Kiersten White, Me, and Andrea Cremer
All three authors were so nice and I loved their stories about how they got their book published. I got all my books signed by Andrea and Kiersten :). I haven't read them yet but will be starting them soon, and when I do I will have my reviews posted.

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