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Short & Sweet reviews: One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire

Title: One Salt Sea
Author: Seanan McGuire
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: October Daye # 5

Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
Published on September 6, 2011 by DAW

Where did I get the book: Bought it

Summary (via Amazon): October "Toby" Daye is settling into her new role as Countess of Goldengreen. She's actually dating again, and she's taken on Quentin as her squire. So, of course, it's time for things to take a turn for the worse. 

Someone has kidnapped the sons of the regent of the Undersea Duchy of Saltmist. To prevent a war between land and sea, Toby must find the missing boys and prove the Queen of the Mists was not behind their abduction. Toby's search will take her from the streets of San Francisco to the lands beneath the waves, and her deadline is firm: she must find the boys in three days' time, or all of the Mists will pay the price. But someone is determined to stop her-and whoever it is isn't playing by Oberon's Laws...

My thoughts: First off, don’t you guys just love the covers for this series? I remember seeing it for the first time and was like “Is that a tail?!!” Chris McGrath did an amazing job on this and all the previous covers. One Salt Sea is the fifth book in the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire.  In this latest addition to the series, we find Toby a.k.a October settling into her role as Countess of Goldengreen. If anyone knows Toby, troubles always find her in the least convenient way. Someone has kidnapped the sons of the Undersea Duchy, and people are pointing their fingers at the Queen of Mists. Unless the children are found within three days, Undersea will declare war against Mists. Once again it is up to Toby to prove the queen’s innocence, and prevent a war from breaking out.

Many authors who have 4-5 books out usually have a hard time staying on par with their previous work.  Not only does McGuire not have this problem, but she exceeds it. Every October Daye book gets better and better each time. In this book readers will get to explore a little more of faeire in the duchy of Saltmist and meet a different group of undersea faes. The faeire world that McGuire has built is so descriptive and beautiful that it will leave you breathless. The world building is beyond amazing, it makes you feel as if the places described are real. Most of the October Daye books comes across as a mystery-PI work (although she WAS once a PI), but I really don’t mind it…I love a little mystery in my reading, keeps you in suspense.  Readers will learn a little more about Toby, and get a deeper understanding of the Luidaeg (the sea witch) and why she is the way she is and underneath that hard exterior of her...there’s something more. Secondary characters that we met in previous book will have more interaction with Toby and follow/and help her on her quest to find the missing children like; Tybalt, Quentin, May, and Raj. The perpetrator in the kidnapping was kind of predictable, I think readers who read the series will figure it out a little before hitting halfway through the novel.  That being said, it was still a great read. It had me constantly flipping the page and never putting the book down. 

I love everything about this series, the world building and all the characters that live in it. Every time I pick up an October Daye book, it’s like visiting an old friend, and I never ever want to leave. If you never read this series, pick up the first book, Rosemary and Rue NOW! This is a series not to be missed. This series has a little bit of everything for everyone; mystery, romance, and plenty of action. For readers who already read this series, you will definitely enjoy this latest book to the series. I’m extremely sad that we will have to wait a whole year till the next book (since before, there were 2 books per year).  
The author is coming out with a new series in March 2012 (Discount Armageddon), so thank goodness for that…it will have to do till the next October Daye book. 

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