Monday, September 24, 2012

Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Title: Full Blooded
Author: Amanda Carlson
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Jessica McClain #1

Trade paperback, 322 pages

Published on September 11, 2012 by Orbit

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It's not easy being a girl. It's even harder when you're the only girl in a family of werewolves. But it's next to impossible when your very existence spells out the doom of your race... Meet Jessica McClain -- she just became part of the pack.


Holy cow, this book was AMAZING! ! I’ve been excited for this book ever since I heard the synopsis and when the author posted the cover reveal a couple of months back. Jessica McCain is the only female ever born in an all male race (werewolves), being the daughter of the alpha but not carrying the shifter gene. The pack sees Jessica as an abomination, and they believe her birth is a catalyst to the demise of their race. At the age of 26 and way pass puberty, Jessica has made a life for herself working as a PI with her best friend Nick who is a shifter. Then one night everything changed, and Jessica made her first shift into a werewolf.  With her shifting, it triggered a line between the alpha, her dad and the entire pack. Not only does Jessica now have to watch her back from the threat of the pack, the supernatural community, but also a mercenary who’ve been hired to track down Jessica at all means necessary. 

I LOVE this book! So far it’s the best book I’ve read this year. Full Blooded grabbed me in the first page and had me reading till the very end! I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning finishing Full Blooded, and there hasn’t been a book that held my attention like this EVER. I love anything werewolf or shifter related, but Carlson took the werewolf lore and what it means to be an UF novel to a whole new high, creating an original world through the Cain and Lycan legend. 

Jessica our one and only female werewolf, is one kick-ass chick! She’s strong, independent, snarky, and one crazy fighter…she’s surrounded by tough dominant males but is able to hold her own in a fight. Jessica and her wolf are one but at the same time two separate entity. In order to be in control, Jessica needs to dominant her wolf but as you read you see Jessica and her wolf working together. At times Jessica, even takes the back-seat and let her wolf be in the forefront taking charge. I really enjoyed Jessica's internal monologue with herself and wolf. Jessica McCain is definitely up there with other strong and likeable UF heroines of the genre like, Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson, Charlie Madigan, Gin Blanco, Max, and Arcadia Bell to name a few. 

Now on to the men of Full blooded, and boy were there many!! I have never read a book packed with so many awesome male leads and supporting characters. We have Jessica’s dad Callum, alpha of the pack. As you read the book, you definitely see why he is the alpha and I love his relationship to his pack and children. Next we have Tyler (Jessica’s twin brother), James (second in command to the pack), Danny (head of security), and IRISH- nuff said LOL but no he is super funny and will make you laugh through the book, Nick, and finally Rourke. Rourke, a charming mysterious man and we learn a lot of things about him along the way…which was quite a fun surprise. I love his interaction with Jessica, but even at the end of the book, readers still don’t know what werecat he is.

Full Blooded was full of action and twist on the werewolf mythology, with a world and characters that you can’t get enough of. While werewolves are the main sups of the book, there are also shifters, a crazy sorceress /goddess, imp, and creepy vampires (thankfully not of the twilight variety!) I highly recommend this all to PR and UF fans, this is the best werewolf book and best UF book that I’ve read so far this year. If I can give it more than 5 stars I would…yes, it’s that awesomeee! Calrson’s debut novel is a must read, and if you haven’t read it yet…you’re totally missing out.

Full blooded is the first book in a planned series, with Hot Blooded releasing in April 2013. 

**Thank you Orbit for sending me a copy of this book for review**

FTC disclaimer: Orbit provided me with a copy of Full Blooded, and in return I provide an honest review.


  1. I don't think I've seen a bad review of this book yet. Everyone seems to love it. Hopefully I will too ;-) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks for reading! Since you enjoy the UF genre, I think you'll enjoy it as well :). Btw, I love your site's banner!!

  3. tnx 4 the review . i want this book bad