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Review: Hearts of Shadow by Kira Brady

Title: Hearts of Shadow
Author: Kira Brady
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Deadglass #2

Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages

Publication: May 7, 2013 by Zebra

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Grace Mercer’s unmatched wraith-killing ability made her the unofficial defender of a city shattered by supernatural catastrophe. So there’s no way she’ll allow the new regent of Seattle’s most powerful dragon shifter clan to “protect” her from a vicious evil stalking the ruined streets—and keep her from the freedom she’s risked everything to earn.

Leif’s science-honed instincts tell him Grace is the key to keeping shifters and humans safe. But helping this wary fighter channel her untapped power is burning away the dragon’s sensual self-control and putting a crucial alliance at risk. Soon the only chance Leif and Grace will have to save their world will be a dangerously fragile link that could forever unite their souls…or consume all in a storm of destruction.

I read a lot of paranormal romance novels but it’s rare that I stick with a series after the first book because the world or leading couple didn’t make a lasting impression on me. This is not the case with the Deadglass series. I was so happy when I found out the heroine was going to be Grace ‘Reaper’ Mercer; she definitely stood out from the secondary characters in the first book, Hearts of Darkness. Hearts of Shadows is the second book in the Deadglass series, and it picks up six months later with Seattle’s Drekars (dragon shifters), Kivatis (totem animal shifters), and humans rebuilding after the Unraveling (Gate of Hell was open). Aptrgangr and wraiths are loose in Seattle and to make matters worse Kingu, a demi-god is wrecking havoc everywhere he goes looking for his long lost lover’s heart and the Tablet of Destiny. 

Grace is the type of heroine I always love reading about, one that is strong, independent, kick-butt, and has the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. Grace is only human but she battles Aptrgangr and wraiths daily.  She wants to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Grace had a rough life. Her parents died when she was young and was left on her own defending/providing for herself on the mean streets of Seattle.  Around that same time, her situation got worst. Sven Norsgad, a Drekar bound Grace to him as a blood slave making Grace his personal plaything and fighter. After Sven died, Grace wasn’t freed but found herself bound to the next Regent, Leif.  Grace has a burning hatred for all Drekar after what Sven put her through, and Leif is no exception.  Grace has fortified a wall around herself so she doesn’t ever get hurt again but the more time she spends with Leif her perspective starts to change…maybe not all Drekar are bad. 

Leif never wanted to be King; he’s the type of person that likes to work behind the scenes. Leif is a scientist who has been building different structures and gadgets to help re-establish Seattle. Leif isn’t like most Drekar, he doesn’t have a thirst for powe, torture people like his brother Sven, or care for politics. He is kind, intellectual, genuine and passionate. Leif has always longed for a soul (Drekars are soulless), to find his love, and his one true match. Leif believe that when his time ends there will be no entry to Valhalla, but instead just a dark void of nothingness for one needs a soul to enter Odin’s hall. Leif’s belief changes after meeting Grace, instead he finds hope. He never met anyone more intriguing, strong and beautiful as Grace in all the years he’s been alive, and he’s been alive a long, long time. Grace makes him want more in life and to strive to be a better person, to be the proper king to his people and human citizens of Seattle.

Hearts of Shadows is an excellent follow-up to the Deadglass series and in my opinion better than the first book. I loved how this book picks up directly where readers left off, and though the leading characters changes in each book…the main story/book arc is the same. Brady has created a fascinating world with different mythology infused together, and strong multifaceted characters that make lasting impressions whether they are primary characters or secondary (Zetain, the female Drekar, or Thorsson). For those who read the first book, Hart and Kayla make a short appearance in the bookJ. I highly recommend this series to all PNR/UR fans. This is a series you don’t want to miss, and definitely a couple you will love! The ending gives readers an idea of what is in store for book 3, and I can’t wait…if you think the demi-god Kingu is bad, think again! I wonder which two characters Brady will pick for the final book, I’m with most readers and am hoping for Corbette and…Lucia? 

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