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[Blog Tour] Review: Cold Blooded by Amanda Carlson + Giveaway

Title: Cold Blooded
Author: Amanda Carlson
Genre: Urban Fantas
Series: Jessica McClain #3

Trade Paperback, 336 pages

Publication: October 8, 2013 by Orbit 

Source: I received a review copy from the publicist.

Jessica arrives back in town to find her best friend missing and the most powerful witch in the country is blaming her for it. But before they can move to save her, the group is attacked.

On the run, Jessica and Rourke head to the mountains. Several surprises await them, but in order to save her father they are forced to leave for New Orleans early.

Arriving on the Vampire Queen's doorstep unexpectedly, and bringing trouble on their heels, the Sects are thrown into an all out war. The vicious
skirmish ends up forcing the vamps and Jessica to fight on the same team.

The Vamp Queen ends up owing Jessica, but what Jessica doesn't realize is just how soon she'll have to cash it in...

COLD BLOODED, the third installment in the Jessica McClain series is yet again full of actions, snarky dialogue and more supernatural surprises than I can count on my fingers!

Like the previous two books in the series, COLD BLOODED picks up exactly where we left off in HOT BLOODED. Jessica is in the mist of trying to figure out where everyone is while making her way to New Orleans as an army of sorcerers and demons track her down. Jessica’s only hopes for survival lies in the hands of last person she’d ever thought she’ll need help from, again…Eudoxia, Queen of the Vampires.

In the last book I complained that the plot/story wasn’t as engaging, slow starting but I’m happy to say that it isn’t a problem this time around. The action starts at the first page, as an explosion obliterates Jessica’s work place. From there things literally get more crazy as trouble waits for Jessica at every turn. What I enjoy about this series is, it feels like no time has passed since the last book…the series feels like one giant story, where I don’t have to stop and think about what happened in the last book (each book is approximately 7 months apart). I had hoped that we’d learn more about the Lycan prophecy and although we didn’t learn any new details, readers got to learn the extent of Jessica’s powers...and I was amazed at what she/her blood can do! I’m sure this is still just the tip of what she’s capable of.

All the usual characters make their appearance, some more than others. I had thought that book 3 would be all about the witches, but in my opinion the vampires stole the show especially their queen. Readers learn about Eudoxia’s history/background, why she’s so powerful, and ultimately what she really wants from Jessica. I was also really happy that we got to see more of Naomi and Ray. Things have certainly changed for these two characters since they met Jessica, and I find their relationship and how they differ from their own sect intriguing.

Just when I thought I’ve read everything and anything in the urban fantasy genre (although HOT BLOODED had some major crazy mythology) Carlson throws a bunch of new revelations one after another…don’t know what I’m talking about here’s three things that you’ll find in COLD BLOODED:

• Jessica can communicate with ghosts
• Two words, Baby Oracle
• What kind of “cat” Rourke is.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! What’s so great about the Jessica McClain series is you really don’t know what to expect, it’s unpredictable and fresh. COLD BLOODED was as much fun as the previous books, and is probably the best of the three. While Jessica and company somewhat averted the crisis in COLD BLOODED, the ending leaves reader on a cliffhanger that opens up a new dilemma for Jessica to deal with in the next book, RED BLOODED (book #4). I can’t wait till the next book, especially since they’ll be in a whole new playground! I highly recommend this series; it has everything…action, suspense, romance and mystery! 

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