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Early Review: Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady

Title: Heart of Chaos
Author: Kira Brady
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Deadglass #3

Mass Market Paperback,  352 pages
Publication: March 4, 2014 by Zebra

Source: I received a review copy (arc) from the author in exchange for a honest review.


To save her world, one woman's fierce quest will put her up against an ancient evil—and a desire too dangerous to deny...

She is betrothed to Seattle's most feared shifter clan leader. Still, the Lady Lucia can never be the dainty aristocratic wife Emory Corbette thinks he needs. And as a malevolent, all-consuming monster plots to take hold of their shattered world, Lucia will risk her untapped powers to defeat it—and challenge the Raven King's seductive rule.

No one in Emory's many lifetimes has ever defied him. Lucia's courage and strength are shaking his iron control to its core...and making him hungry, for all she can give. But their only hope is a wrenching sacrifice that could unite humans and shifters in victory—or destroy everything Lucia and Emory desire most.

Heart of Chaos is the third and final installment in Brady’s Deadglass series following couple, Lucia Crane and Emory Corbette. It’s been a few months since the unraveling, where Demigod Kingu wreck havoc on Seattle and its citizen. The Kivatis (totem animal shifters) and Drekars (dragon shifters) are trying to pick up the pieces but the worst is yet to come as the Tablet of Destiny and Heart of Tiamat finds a new host in Zetain, a ruthless drekar warrior. Tiamat is finally freed from her prison and she plans to birth a new breed of children to create a pantheon she lost.

Emory and Lucia were betrothed from an early age, out of obligation to the Kivati people rather love. I loved seeing their transformation from the beginning of the series to their own book. I didn’t think I would like this couple as much as the previous couple, Grace and Leif but I ended up loving them just as much. I must admit I wasn’t a fan of Lucia from the start when readers first met her in Hearts of Darkness; she came off as snobby and immature. Everyone including the Raven Lord thought Lucia as a dainty fragile girl  and because of the prophecy she must be put on a pedal stool. The prophecy says Lucia will either be the savior or the destruction of the Kivati people, and because they think she's their salvation she's always locked safely behind Kivati hall. However Lucia grew immensely over the course of the series, becoming more than what people thought of her. In the first book she was physically attacked by one of her own people causing her to become even more closed off than normal but in book two she took her life back. She got fighting lessons from Grace and helped lead a group of Kivati into battle against Kingu. In Heart of Chaos she continues to stand-up for herself becoming a major player and fulfilling the prophecy. I admired her strength and determination to live life to the fullest…especially after what happened to her in the first book.

Emory came off as stand-offish and cold when readers first meet him, but yet he intrigued me. He was a man that people looked up to and at the same time a man that people feared. Readers only got to see one side of Emory in the first two books, a man that put his people above himself and an all-around leader. In this final book we glimpse the other side of him; one that is vulnerable and full of passion. It is in knowing that the end is possibly near that he finally realizes to live not only for his people but for himself. He breaks routine and his character and does things he wouldn’t contemplate before Lucia for Lucia.

Hearts of Chaos was an excellent conclusion to a phenomenal series. An exhilarating ride full of myths and magic. As I mentioned in my other reviews, this paranormal romance series is unlike any series I’ve ever read. Mrs. Brady is the only author that I know of that writes a paranormal romance that has different lead couples in a series but the same connecting plot/story arc and that alone makes her standout in a sea of identical paranormal romances. Brady pens a creative and unique world with multifaceted characters that you can’t help but fall in love with…even the baddies. The Deadglass series may have come to an end but the epilogue leaves an open door for a possible story in the world of Deadglass and one I hope Mrs. Brady will write. There are still so many stories to be told within the Deadglass world, so I hope that this isn’t the end end. I highly recommend this series to all PR and UF fans, you will not regret it! Brady is an author to watch. I will buy and read anything she writes! 

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