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Confessions of a High School Disaster: Chloe Snow's Diary by Emma Chastain

Title: Confessions of a High School Disaster: Chloe Snow's 
Author: Emma Chastain
Genre:Contemporary, Young Adult
Series: N/A

Hardcover, 352 pages
Publication:March 7, 2017 by Simon Pulse

Source: I received a review copy from Saichek Publicity/Simon and Schuster in exchange for a honest review. 

In the tradition of Bridget Jones’s Diary, a lovably flawed high school student chronicles her life as she navigates the highs and lows of family, friendship, school, and love in a diary that sparkles with humor and warmth.

I’m Chloe Snow, and my life is kiiiiind of a disaster.

1. I’m a kissing virgin (so so so embarrassing).
2. My best friend, Hannah, is driving me insane.3 .I think I’m in love with Mac Brody, senior football star, whose girlfriend is so beautiful she doesn’t even need eyeliner.
4. My dad won’t stop asking me if I’m okay.
5. Oh, and my mom moved to Mexico to work on her novel. But it’s fine—she’ll be back soon. She said so.

Mom says the only thing sadder than remembering is forgetting, so I’m going to write down everything that happens to me in this diary. That way, even when I’m ninety, I’ll remember how awkward and horrible and exciting it is to be in high school.

I'm normally not a fan of Diary Style novels but Confessions of a High School Disaster was billed as a teen Bridget Jones’s Diary, so of course I had to read it! I adored the films (haven’t read the books) so I knew I was going to enjoy Confessions of a High School Disaster and I did! Readers follow Chloe as she chronicles her first year in high school, family life, friends, and boy crushes. Dealing with her Mom's absent and the ups and downs of high school. This book was so much fun and had me laughing-out-loud and grinning like a fool!

If I had to describe this book in one word it would be: Authentic. Chloe’s voice rang true, a real 14 year-old. Many Young Adult novels are obviously written by adults, rarely is a book written by a teen…but we do have writers in their early 20’s. There are many great Young Adult novels don’t get me wrong but never has any author truly captured the voice/life of a teen so well and so accurately. I felt like I was actually reading a real-life fourteen year old Chloe’s diary. Chloe was absolutely hilarious. The things she says are so honest and are exactly what a typical teenager would say. And the things she did were exactly what a teen would do.

I mean, yeah there were some questionable and not nice things that Chloe did. She went to parties that of course involved drinking and she talked about sex a lot but again, that was exactly what high school was like for most teens. We may want to pretend that it was all unicorns and rainbows, but who are we kidding….high school had it spectacular moments and it’s crash and burn moments. She made a lot of mistakes throughout her first year in high school, and there were ugly consequences that followed. And I definitely know of a few Chloes back in my day. The important things is that Chloe made mistakes (which is human) and she learned from them. She’s realistic and I am positive many readers can relate to her at one time or another.

Confessions of a High School Disaster was an enjoyable and charming read. If you’re looking for a fun, happy and light read or need to get out of a reading stump…then this book will get the job done! Confessions of a High School Disaster will have you giggling till your funny bone hurt!

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