Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Tour: Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse by William D. Carl

Title: Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse
Author: Wiliam D. Carl
Genre: Horror/ Suspense

Book recieved for review from Simon & Schuster

Trade paperback, 296 pages

Summary (via Goodreads): Beneath the dim light of a full moon, the population of Cincinnati mutates into huge, snarling monsters that devour everyone they see, acting upon their most base and bestial desires. Planes fall from the sky. Highways are clogged with abandoned cars, and buildings explode and topple. The city burns. Only four people are immune to the metamorphosis-a smooth-talking thief who maintains the code of the Old West, an African-American bank teller who has struggled her entire life to emerge unscathed from the ghetto, a wealthy middle-aged housewife who finds everything she once believed to be a lie, and a teen-aged runaway turning tricks for food. Somehow, these survivors must discover what caused this apocalypse and stop it from spreading. In their way is not only a city of beasts at night, but, in the daylight hours, the same monsters returned to human form, many driven insane by atrocities committed against friends and families during. Now another night is fast approaching. And once again the moon will be full.

My Thoughts:
The apocalypse has hit the city of Cincinnati, in the form of werewolves! Ninety-five percent of the city’s population has been affected with an unknown virus that causes them to transform under a full moon.  Only four people in the entire population seem to be immune to the transformation.  As the sun comes out the following day, people who transformed the night before become human again. As what they did the night before dawn on them, they begin to feel suicidal unable to cope with what they’ve done. 
The story focuses on four characters that are not affected by the bestial transformation.  The first two are Rick and Chesya, who we first meet at a bank in the middle of a bank robbery. Chesya is the head teller, and Rick is one of the robbers. The other two are a mother and son. Cathy witnessed her husband’s transformation before her eyes, and Christian ran away after being sexually abused by his father and his friends.  
I haven’t read a horror book in awhile, and I’m glad to jump back into the genre with Mr. Carl’s novel. Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse is a reprint; the book was first published in 2008. The book will grab you right away from the first sentence in the prologue. I really liked how Mr. Carl sets up the book; each chapter follows a different character where they all eventually come together to find out why people were infected in the first place and to stay alive. Overall a great read, this book is full of action, suspense and a sprinkle of romance. If you're a fan of werewolves or even shifters, I highly recommend this book.

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