Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chained by Night by Larissa Ione

Title: Chained by Night
Author: Larissa Ione
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: MoonBound Clan Vampires

Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages
Publication: September 30, 2014 by Pocket Books

Source: I received a review/finish copy from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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Leader of the vampire clan MoonBound, Hunter will do what he must to save his people from extinction or worse, a torturous eternity as vampire slaves and subjects of human experimentation. To keep his enemies at bay, he has agreed to mate a rival clan leader's daughter in return for peace between the clans and an ally in the looming war with the humans.

But survival comes at a price. First, Hunter must break an ancient curse by successfully negotiating three deadly tests. Then he must resist the searing passions of the gorgeous vampire warrior he despises but is bound to mate. Will Hunter stay true to his word? Or will he risk everything for the woman he really loves: the vampire seductress's identical twin sister?
Chained by Night is my first Larissa Ione book, and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read the first MoonBound Clan book, but it was very easy to get swept up into Larissa’s incredible writing and world. I don’t read many paranormal romances but I’d say all PRs should be like this book… it was hot, hot, hot! Chained by Night was full of action and steamy romance that gave me chills and goosebumps (which rarely ever happens).

Some people feel that the whole vampire genre is a little played out, and while The MoonBound Clan series focuses on vampires; Ione brings a refreshing take on it incorporating Native-American lore/heritage into the story. I’m pretty sure having not read Bound by Night (book 1), I missed out on some important world building but again Ione did a great job in the world-building and describing it in a way that made it easy to follow and understand. There are two types of vampires, those that are born and those that are made. I also thought the vampire origin was interesting. Many of the tribes believed vampires derived from the battle between the raven and the crow with their blood seeping into the dead bodies of two chieftains but everything they believed was a lie. Vampires are the children of a demon named Samnult, which readers meet when Hunter and Aylin go on a quest (Samnult first appeared in book 1).

Hunter, the leader of the MoonBound clan and Aylin, Rasha’s identical twin sister were both exceptional leads. Hunter is a compassionate and fair leader, willing to do anything for his clan even if he has to agree to marry a rival clan’s daughter. And Aylin isn’t far off from Hunter. She too has the same characteristics, but she had a rough life growing up in Shadowspawn due to her deformed leg. However, Aylin never lets her slight disability get in the way of what she wants. It was great seeing Aylin’s transformation over the course of the book, it was realistic and believable. Hunter and Aylin’s chemistry was sizzling from the moment they laid eyes on each other (kind of funny as he despises Rasha). The romance was a slow, simmering burn that got hotter as the book went on, which is exactly how I like it.

All of the secondary characters were also awesome, and though readers only meet the clansmen/women briefly they all made lasting impression like Riker, Hunter’s 2nd in command, Baddon, Myne and Nicole. I even liked Rasha. She can be a malicious, conniving B-word sometimes…okay most time, but when she showed that rare moments of emotion and her sisterly side toward Aylin. It shows that deep beyond her hard exterior she has a heart.

Chained by Night was action-packed from start to finish. I devoured the book in one sitting, staying up till the early morning to finish. There was a lot going on in the book; tensions between the MoonBound and Shadowspawn clans, humans/poachers invading the territory, and the countdown till Hunter’s mating ceremony to the wrong girl. I really enjoyed Chained by Night and I can’t wait to read more books in the series. This is a great paranormal romance series. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Ione’s work.

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