Monday, December 19, 2011

Short & Sweet Review: Ethereal Infulence: The Birth by Lana Bradstream

Title: Ethereal Influence: The Birth
Author: Lana Bradstream 

Format: Kindle edition, 266 pages
Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites

Received for review from the author.

Summary (via Amazon):
A person's faith can waiver when life becomes difficult. It is during that time when God sends an angel to guide that person and exert ethereal influence over them.

Laura's faith is shaken when she learns of the death of her baby. An angel named Ben tells her some information and she believes that hope is not lost for her baby.

Wanting to keep Laura's faith waivering, a fallen angel named Ryan exerts influence on her that will keep her soul further from God. The angels struggle against one another to exert their influences on Laura's will.
The battle between good and evil will take place over her soul. 

My Thoughts: 
This is the first e-book in a planned series, where angels and fallen angels battle against one another to see who can exert the most influence on a human in a time of need. The story focus on Laura, who just delivered her first child, but lost the baby a few hours later due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). As a few months pass, and Laura is still coping with the death of her baby when she meets two angels. One is a messenger of God, Ben and the other is a follower of Lucifer, Ryan. Both angels give Laura startling new information on what really happened to her baby, all while trying to guide/influence her decisions.

The pacing of the story was good, not too slow but not to fast. I was expecting the book to have a more paranormal element to it but there wasn't much. The only paranormal element to the story were the angels, and there was only one brief battle scene between the two opposing sides. The book actually had a more religious feel to it than anything, which isn't really what I normally read. Overall a good book, with many surprises towards the end. There were certain scenes in the book where Laura told her husband and psychiatrist that an angel appeared to her, everyone thought she was crazy. I even thought everything was her state of mind, but boy was I wrong! I think readers will be just as surprised as I was when we find out what happened to Laura's baby. 

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