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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews

Title: Gunmetal Magic
Author: Ilona Andrews
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Kate Daniels #5.5

Mass Market Paperback, 326 pages
Publication: July 31, 2012 by Ace

Source: Personal Library 


After eviction from the Knights of Merciful Aid, Andrea is a wreck. She starts work for best pal PI Kate Daniels. Shapeshifters under Raphael Medrano — Clan Bouda male alpha, Andrea’s ex-lover — die suddenly at a dig site. With Raphael, she seeks killer in deep dark Atlanta. Her feelings for him may take a back seat to saving the world…

Bonus: Kate Daniels novella "Magic Gifts"
I’m behind on the Kate Daniels series and since I had a tiny break between review books, I thought I’d remedy the problem. While Gunmetal Magic isn’t really part of the series it’s still an in-between book since its label 5.5 and I usually don’t read books out of order if I can help it. Gunmetal Magic follows Andrea Nash, Kate’s best friend as she rediscovers herself after getting kicked out of The Guild. Readers will finally learn more about Andrea’s background, her upbringing and why she never embraced her beastkin side and why she never wanted to join the pack. And of course a little snake cult is trying to raise the God of Chaos.

Before reading this book, I read a couple of reviews for it…someone said Gunmetal Magic read just like a Kate Daniels novel if you swapped out Andrea/Raphael and replaced it with Kate/Curran; except you probably wouldn’t love Andrea/Raphael as much as Kate/Curran. Yup, true. While I loved Andrea and Raphael as supporting characters in the Kate Daniels series, seeing them in their own book I didn’t like them as much. Yes, I was laughing-out-loud at all the snarky dialogue and banter but I was just as much annoyed with Andrea and occasionally Raphael. 

Andrea has always been a stickler for rules but in Gunmetal Magic after embracing her beastkin side she started dressing differently and breaking rules left and right. I get it but it came across too attention needy, like she needed to prove herself. I’ve always seen Andrea as a kick-ass heroine but here…every thing she did it seemed like it was being done for show. Every stunt was like a giant flashing sign that said ‘Look at me! I’m not miss goody two-shoes anymore, I’m a badass bouda!’. It got old real fast. I mean, embracing it is fine but don't flaunt it (she was walking all over town in her beastkin form for the hell of it, I don't recall any shifters doing that). Then there was the whole Raphael situation. She was doing everything she could to get him back but when she found out he lied about something to make her jealous, to ‘punish’ her…she flipped out and said she didn’t want to be with him. I think when Andrea dropped Raphael with no explanation and made him think she dead was way worst. That’s just me. This book consisted of Andrea and Raphael running circles around each-other. They were dying to get back together but since their pride and ego were too big they spent 90% of the book beating around the bush, talking smack and tortuously flirting with one another. Honestly, if they just talked it out from the beginning the book would have been about 100 pages.

I also didn’t like the main plot. It was by no means terrible, it’s just I didn’t care for it. For example the big final scene with Anapa, clay Adep and the little cult, I was so bored I started to skim. I love Egyptian mythology, and initially thought it was cool how the authors incorporated it into the plot but as more was revealed I began to lose interest. It’s probably starting to sound like I dislike this book…but no there were some saving points! The three saving points are: Ascanio, pack lawyer Barabas and Roman (and tiny glimpses of Julie and Derek)! Remember when I said I was laughing-out-loud? Well the scenes/dialogue with these three were hilarious. I missed seeing Ascanio and who knew Barabas can be so funny? As for Roman, I haven’t read the Kate series for a couple of years and my memory is a bit foggy but I thought he was charming and funny…even when he wasn’t trying to be!

While I didn’t love Gunmetal Magic like I hoped I would, I still thought it was a good book. It was nice to learn more about Andrea and the pack…and seeing familiar faces. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Kate’s world and it felt so good to be back. Now onward to the next Kate book!

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