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[Blog Tour] Review: Shards by F.J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter + Giveaway

Title: Shards
Author: F.J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter 
Genre: Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Series: Prospero Chronicles #2

Paperback, 368 pages
Publication: June 16, 2015 by Jolly Fish Press

Source: I received a review copy from the author in exchange for a honest review, and blog tour.


When autumn descends on Prospero, California, Ben Pastor hopes that the normality of the new school year may offer a reprieve from the town’s recent paranormal horrors. Mina Todd, however, knows all too well that there are no reprieves and no normality in this town, especially after she starts having crippling, unexplained hallucinations of the dead. But even she can’t prepare for what the coming year holds.

On top of a brewing civil war that threatens all of humanity, inside the walls of Prospero High, Ben, Mina and their expanding network face a sinister campaign that aims to destroy their friendship, a newly human Haley Perkin struggling to readjust to life, and an assassin of untold power who is picking off human rebels. Ben and Mina’s one hope may rest with a mysterious figure hiding in the woods outside of town; a living legend who may know how to stop this dangerous new breed of supernatural foe. That is, assuming the figure doesn’t first kill everyone himself. 

We’re back to Prospero, California with Shards, the second book in the Prospero Chronicles following Splinter Hunter Mina and her best friend Ben as they try to navigate high school and protect the town from Splinters who are body snatching the residents. Since the events in Splinters, we find Mina and Ben in a precarious agreement with the Splinter Counsel. The agreement states that as long as they keep quiet about Splinters and stay within Prospero’s limits; the counsel won’t go after them and their friends and families. But the Splinter Counsel is the least of their worries, as they discover a more superior race of Splinters called ‘Slivers’ or ‘Shards’ who are out to start a war by attacking humans and splinters alike.

Like the first book, the chapters alternate POVs between Ben and Mina, enabling readers to immerse themselves into what the characters think and feel. I had so much fun reading Shards and in my opinion it was even better than the first. With the world building and characters’ foundation already set reading this book was a breeze. I love that there’s no more secrets between Mina’s group of friends and the splinters. There are no more fake pleasantries or cordialness, and that’s where the fun begins…when Mina and her friends stop being scared and fight back. The new characters Greg and Julia were a hoot and who knew Haley had so much in her! She definitely surprised me the most. Readers will get to meet Mina's new allies and foes and ‘The Old Man’, a mysterious guy who started training her since she was 8-years-old. Lots of interesting things happen in Shards…now that Mina actually convinced people that there’s a threat to the town and she’s not trying to take on the problem alone.

Overall, Shards is a great squeal to Splinters which was full of actions and humorous dialogue. Which is always a win in my book. I can’t wait to see what happens next. It seems like all the events since the first book is leading up to a big explosive finale and I have a feeling it will happen in the next book! I highly recommend Shards! I know the covers don’t have that big wow factor…but don’t let that stop you from checking this series out, it’s worth reading!

From June 3rd to July 3rd
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 J.R TITCHENELL and MATT CARTER met and fell in love in a musical theatre class at Pasadena City College and have been inseparable ever since. Though they have both dreamed of being writers from a very young age, they both truly hit their stride after they met, bouncing ideas off of one another, forcing each other to strive to be better writers, and mingling Matt's lifelong love of monsters with Fiona's equally disturbing inability to let go of high school. They were married in 2011  in a ceremony that involved kilts, Star Wars music, and a cake topped by figurines of them fighting a zombified wedding party.
Titchenell and Carter live in San Gabriel, California.

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